An Ultimate Guide to Box Mod Vaporizers: Are they Different from the Traditional E-cig?

First, let me be clear on this subject:

A box mod vaporizer is a modified version of the vape pens or the traditional electronic cigarettes. Currently, it is one of the most powerful electronic cigarettes with robust features such as large tanks, control system and batteries.

Different types of electronic cigarettes by ITSUWA

With a box mode vaporizer, you can change atomizers and batteries to a throat hit you desire. That is, you can easily customize the electronic cigarette to meet your unique specifications.

Even with all these modifications, the working principle of box mod vaporizers is still the same as that of the vape pens. That is:

  • Battery generates electric current that heats up the coil due to resistance (ohm). It is this heat that is being dissipated when a current is subjected to a known magnitude of resistance.
  • Heated coil causes the e-liquid to evaporate and the user inhales the vapor. However, this process can differ slightly depending on the type of atomizer you’ll be using.

Another notable difference is that on the overall design. That is, it takes the form of a box and you can easily tell this from the name “box mod” and the above examples.

So, in this guide to box mod vaporizers, I am going to focus on the key features of electronic cigarettes. By knowing the key features of box mod vaporizers, you can easily differentiate these accessories from vape pens or traditional e-cig.

Let’s go straight to the main subjected of this article:

Features of E-cigarette Box Mods

As I said earlier, vape mods are basically the upgraded versions of the traditional electronic cigarettes. Some of these improved features include:

·         Ability to Enjoy Sub-ohm Vaping

With a box mod, you can easily attach a sub-ohm atomizer.

You can see huge vapor from a box mod. Image source RT

Sub-ohm vaping is simply the idea of producing big plumes of vapor. It is an intense cloud of vapor that is thrilling to the vaping community.

Adding this to your electronic cigarette will guarantee the following three benefits:

  1. Producing huge vapor; if you’re that person who is obsessed with blowing huge vapor then this is an ideal option.
  2. Warmer vapor; it helps produce warm type of vape that simulates smoking cigarettes.
  • Intense flavor; for each puff, you’ll enjoy mouthful of flavor which makes vaping more interesting.

Although you incorporate sub ohm vaping in mechanical mods, I don’t recommend them due to some safety concerns. Mechanical or unregulated electronic cigarettes are mainly for experienced individuals.

·         Large Batteries

Do you want to vape for long?

Well, you need box mods. This is because they have large batteries that may range from 40W to 100W.

An electronic cigarette battery kit

The capacity of these batteries cannot be compared to disposable e-cigs or vape pens. I can assure you this from experience.

·         Ability to Control Most Parameters

Box mod vaporizers are the most popular regulated electronic cigarettes. This is because you have the power to vary nearly all parameters to suit your unique vaping needs.

A box mod with an LCD display

For instance:

They have the best temperature control mechanism. With this feature, you can easily optimize vaping experience by choosing a suitable temperature.

You don’t have to worry about a high temperature of vapor that is annoying and irritating. Box mod vaporizer gives you the power to control this by pressing a button.

How about the power transmitted to the e-liquid?

Well, these modern electronic cigarettes give you the opportunity to control the amount of power delivered by the battery. Therefore, you can adjust wattage and power to a level that gives intense vaping experience.

Furthermore, they also come with advanced safety measures such us temperature protection.

·         Customizable Tanks

Unlike the traditional e-cigarettes, box mods have detachable atomizer that holds the e-liquid. This implies that you can attach different types of atomizers depending on your taste and preference.

Therefore, you can vary the nicotine level of choose a different flavor. It will depend on your favorite taste.

An atomizer kit

Remember, you should use only those tanks and atomizer coils that are compatible with your electronic cigarette.  You can choose a coil with a 0.1 to 0.5 ohms resistance that has a large surface area for an intense vapor.

Again, there are two types of atomizers to choose from:

  • Non buildable atomizer; suitable for beginners who would wish to enjoy vaping experience right from the box.
  • Buildable atomizers; they are suitable for experts who know how to assemble and can build their own coils.

Apart from these, mod boxes come with a display screen. This allows you to monitor various parameters of the electronic cigarette whenever you’re vaping hence, better control of power or temperature.

In summary, box mod vaporizers are the best electronic cigarettes available in the market. This is because you can experience an intense vapor and have total control of vaping. Moreover, they are easy to use and customize, with a high capacity battery.