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TEL: 0086-755-8259 2829

4th Floor, 6th Building, Hengchangrong technology part, 3rd term Huangtian Yangbei Xixiang Baoan Shenzhen China 518128


  • E-Cigarettes
  • Vaporizer Kits
  • MOD Products
  • CBD Vaping Products
  • Accessories

What it’s like to work with us


10 Years of experience make us knowledgeable on Product technology and customer cooperation. 10 years means a lot of things.

  • Long time experience
  • Seasoned Knowledge
  • Professional communication
  • Fast response

Professional Ecigarette manufactuerr team



We have the right fair attitude to work with external partners.

  • Fair cooperation with suppliers and each other
  • Respect every customer request
  • Culture understanding, easy to work with
  • Sample and small orders acceptable
  • OEM/ODM well cooperation


We are responsible for what we do and what we delivered.

  • Responsible for our product
  • Responsible for our services
  • Responsible for our promise

Responsibly-attitude work with customer

customer Convenient to work with


We are easy to work with. We train all our staff to provide quick responses.

  • One Call/Email Response
  • Fast process
  • Local services available
  • Active Response
  • Advance prepare