Are You New to Vaping? Learn How Vaporizer Cigarette Works

I know vaping has been trending in the recent past, especially for individuals who’re struggling to quit smoking cigarettes. Ideally, vaping is the process of inhaling vapor from an e-liquid.

So far, it is a perfect way of reducing nicotine consumption. Thanks to Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who invented the electronic cigarette.


Normally, you can choose from the many flavors that are available in the market. However, for people who are trying to quit smoking, it is a noble idea to start with tobacco flavors.

The modern vaporizer cigarettes come in a wide range of shapes and designs. But still, the working principle is always the same.

Before we focus on the working principle of an electronic cigarette, I think it will be better to know the structure and different parts of this popular accessory.


In case you are new to vaping, it is important to know the structure of these vaporizer cigarettes. The main parts of electronic cigarettes include:

This image shows different parts of an electronic cigarette. Image source: Wikipedia

You should note that the number of parts of a vaporizer cigarette will depend on its unique design.  Below are detailed descriptions of some of the most common parts:

  1. Electronic cigarette atomizer

Depending on the design of an electronic cigarette, an atomizer may have atomizer cell, coil, base, and tube. It is mainly made of a heating coil.

You can also refer to it as a heating element. Therefore, it heats or atomizes the juice to form vapor.

  1. Rechargeable battery

Batteries come in different designs and capacities with some lasting for more than 3 days. This is mainly a rechargeable lithium battery.

You can conveniently recharge it using a USB cable.

  1. Cartridge

Also referred to as the electronic cigarette tank, it holds the liquid or juice. That is, they may contain nicotine or other flavored chemicals.

The e-liquid may have a mixture of propylene glycol that mainly increases flavor and vegetable glycerin that increases vapor.

When it comes to this section, quite a number of people do get confused. That is, they can’t tell what exactly an atomizer, clearomizer and cartomizer are.

Let me explain these:

Atomizer: They have a coil that is powered by a battery. It is this coil that warms or heats up the e-liquid.

Normally, it heats the e-liquid to a point it becomes a vapor. It is due to this vapor that these accessories are called vaporizer cigarettes.

Clearomizer: They are completely transparent, enabling you to see the quantity of e-liquid left in the tank. This will help you to control the quantity of the e-liquid.

Clearomizers come in a wide range of tank sizes. Depending on the size of the wick, you can easily improve your vaping experience.

Basically, this is a major advancement in the vaping industry. Remember, you can conveniently refill them when they run out of e-liquid.

Here, the wick system feeds specified amount of e-liquid to the atomizer. They are mainly metal tubes that extend from drip tip to the atomizer.

Frankly, I have seen many vapers opting for clearomizers due to their “cleaner vape”.

Cartomizer: They are somehow outdated and common in older electronic cigarettes. They have a material called poly-fill which functions as an artificial filler.

Here, the poly-fill soaks the e-juice wrapped around the heating element.

  1. A Microchip

It automatically controls various processes in the electronic cigarette. This feature is common in modern electronic cigarettes.

A microchip prevents overcharging or switches off vaporizer cigarettes when empty. They may have sensors.

  1. On/off button

This button activates an on/off function to initiate vaporization of e-liquid whenever you want to start vaping.

  1. LED light

The LED lights up when charged and when in use. It tends to simulate a burning cigarette.

Before you start vaping, these are some of the critical parts you need to know. Of course, there is the mouthpiece – a point where you’ll be vaping from.

As you may have realized, while discussing these components, I have also mentioned their main functions. Those functions sum up how an e-cigarette works.

Let’s summarize these facts as below:

How a Vaporizer Cigarette Works

It doesn’t matter the complexity of an electronic cigarette design, the working principle still remains the same. That is:

When you switch it on, the battery supplies an electrical energy to its coil. Since the coil offers resistance to the flow of current, it tends to give off a predetermined amount of heat.

This heat is then transferred to the e-liquid via the wick (for the case of vaporizer cigarettes with clearomizers). Once the vapor is heated, it will begin to evaporate.

Normally, this vapor is a collection of small droplets of the e-liquid. You can refer to it as an aerosol.

The e-liquid turns into vapor since the heat is sufficient to break the weak bond of its molecules. Electronic cigarette users will inhale this vapor.

Actually, it is for this reason that the word vaping is common in the e-cigarette world.

Different types of electronic cigarettes

Different types of electronic cigarettes

Once the e-liquid has vaporized, the wick tends to dry. As a result, more e-liquid flows from the tank to the wick.

However, in situations where the reservoir tank is empty, the wick will begin to dry hence increasing the temperature. Consequently, you’ll begin to experience dry puff and the taste is always nasty.

In most cases, this accessory comes already assembled by the vaporizer cigarette manufacturer. Therefore, you’ll only charge it and begin vaping.

You can only refill the e-liquid after using for some time. This is indeed a simple way to transition from cigarettes to vaping.

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