About Itsuwa

Established in 2007, Itsuwa has been focusing on electronic cigarettes, Vape mod, and dry herb vape product manufacturing and technology development. Our Professional and aspiring team has made a number of great high-quality products for worldwide consumers.

We are committed to providing high-experience vaping total solutions for our customers. As the most qualified Chinese partner in the electronic cigarette industry, Itsuwa continues to serve many top-rated brands. Assisting by educating our clients and averting potential troubles through our experience we can help in many facets.

We can be reached via email, telephone, and fax. We are bilingual, easily accessible, and readily available. Always glad to help you in your endeavors.

Quality Control

We are proud of creating and delivering high-grade products to our customers. And we are dedicated to continuing to provide high-grade products for all of our customers in the future.

  • Advance test equipment
  • Strict QC control system, 6 workers with 1 QC
  • Defective rate less than 3‰
  • Long history of experience
  • Fast response. Solution for the customer in 2 days


Our 30+ skilled Engineers are full of passion for creating products and solutions to meet customer demand. We work to help every customer reach their goals and assist them as they increase the value of their business.

  • Helping customers improve their current product
  • Helping customers get the greatest results with the lowest cost
  • Answer and help customer fix their problems
  • Customer-oriented developing


Our 260+ skilled staff work and produce advanced equipment, working efficiently at all times for fast delivery, and high-quality production to meet customer’s growing demand.

  • Well-trained workers
  • Long history and seasoned
  • GMP/ISO9001 Certificated and well-trained staff
  • 15 production lines, Fast produce
  • Partly machine-made process
  • Dust-free workshop
  • ERP control system

Customer Service

We are prepared to carry the full responsibility of providing excellent customer service. It is our highest goal to make our customers feel secure in cooperating together with us to achieve the ideal solution.

  • Responsibility taking
  • Visit customers regularly
  • Fast response, response in 5 hours
  • All members active for services
  • Customer location services available

President Andy

President: Andyeo Zhong

Customer satisfaction is the goal and guide of Itsuwa. I and our Itsuwa team are focused on our power to deliver high-quality products and excellent services. Make itsuwa become the customer’s priority consider supplier. Grow up together with our customers.