Nowadays, there are four types of vaping styles, they are : MTL(Mouth to Lung), LMTL(Loose Mouth to Lung), DTL(Direct to Lung), RDL(Restricted Direct to Lung).  If none of these make any sense to you, don’t worry. We’ll explain it all in this article.


MTL – Mouth to Lung

Mouth to lung (MTL) is a style of vaping where the vapor is first taken into the mouth and held for a moment before being drawn into the lungs, similar to sipping a drink through a straw.

The majority of people switching to vaping from smoking will probably find the mouth-to-lung style more comfortable, as this will ‘feel’ closer to smoking a cigarette.  MTL vaping involves using a tighter airflow to mimic the sensation of a cigarette, making it a natural and easy way to vape.

High-PG E-Liquids and nicotine salts are recommended for this style of vaping.



LMTL – Loose Mouth to Lung

The acronym LTML denotes “Loose Mouth To Lung Vaping,” which shares some characteristics with RDL Vaping. While MTL Vaping has a restrictive airflow, LTML Vaping offers a looser draw that is ideal for higher concentration E-Liquids and Nicotine Salts. To attain LTML Vaping, you will need to adjust your airflow to be slightly wider than MTL Vaping. This technique is great for anyone who enjoys Nicotine Salt or higher-PG E-Liquid.



DTL – Direct to Lung

DTL is the next most popular form of vaping.

When it comes to DTL vaping, the process involves inhaling vapour directly into your mouth in one swift motion. Unlike MTL vaping, where it’s akin to sipping from a straw, DTL vaping is like taking a gulp from a glass. With DTL, there’s no holding the vapour in your mouth; instead, it’s taken in all at once.


To achieve this type of vaping, specific tanks and coils are required along with high wattage machines that generate more vapour. Due to the increased vapour production, there’s also more heat, which requires a loose airflow to cool down the coil, tank, and the vapour as you inhale. For those who enjoy high-VG E-Liquids like shortfills, DTL vaping is the ideal choice.




If you are new to vaping, we would recommend avoiding sub-ohm vaping until you become more experienced. You inhale far more vapour with them and need to use lower strength nicotine to counteract this.


RDL – Restricted Direct to Lung

Now that you have learned about MTL and DTL vaping, you will find it easier to understand RDL vaping. DTL vaping involves directly inhaling the vapor into your lungs, generating more heat and vapor. To reduce the temperature of the air, it requires a significant amount of airflow.

On the other hand, RDL vaping, which stands for restricted airflow vaping, limits the amount of airflow. You may be wondering if this will cause the tank, coil, and vapor to overheat. Thankfully, this is not the case as RDL coils can simulate a DTL experience while still maintaining a tighter airflow.


For many vapers, RDL vaping provides the best of both worlds, offering the throat hit of higher PG e-liquids, while still providing greater flavor and more vapor.