Where to Buy an E-cigarette Starter Kit

Are you planning to switch from smoking tobacco to vaping? Then you need to buy an e-cigarette starter kit.

There are many options of electronic vape pen starter kits that come in different designs and shapes. It is upon you to choose one that meets your specific needs.

Being an industry with few regulations and legislations in place, I know it may be quite challenging to get a perfect accessory. This is why I want to take you through a practical process on where to buy the e-cigarette starter kit.


This is an image showing an individual enjoying an e-cig. Source: Council Chronicle

In most cases, beginners worry so much about finding the right quality, reliable and cost effective e-cigarette starter kit. This has been due to the complaints and increasing number of counterfeit products in the industry.

For a fact, the world of vaping is quite overwhelming due to the many brands available in the market. Whether you need a:

  • Variable temperature
  • Direct current
  • Box mod or,
  • Pen style

I can assure you, there are perfect kits that will meet your specific needs and requirements.

I know this may get confusing. This is the reason I encourage you to read through our blog to learn more about these vaping kits.

So, Which E-cigarette Starter Kit Should You Buy?

I want to be specific here.

It is important that you go for simple and easy to use e-cigarette kits that come with everything you need to start vaping. With such kits, you can easily transition from smoking the traditional cigarettes to mod box or e-cig.

So far, Shenzhen Itsuwa Electron Co. electronic cigarettes designs and manufactures some easy to use electronic cigarettes. They are suitable for both beginners and professionals.


Here are different types of electronic cigarettes by Itsuwa Electron Co.

An e-cigarette starter kit comes with all the components and accessories you need to start safe vaping. These include:

  • Atomizer tank; it is the section that holds an e-juice
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • E-juice and drip tip

A good electronic cigarette starter kit should be an intuitive accessory with an ergonomic design. That is, a kit put together to meet the various needs of new vapers.

In short, go for an easy to use, high quality and stylish brand of e-cigarette starter kits, with a range of e-juice options.

Buy Vaping Kits from Online Stores or the Original Manufacturers

Let’s face it.

We live in a world where every e-cigarette manufacturing company is striving to get a market share in this competitive market. Online stores/market places are not left behind in this quest too.

Therefore, I am 97% sure, that anyone who wants to explore the vaping world will most definitely search for these accessories online. Whether you use any of these search terms, I am sure you’ll find a list of companies and online marketplaces that sell e-cigarette starter kits.

You can try these:

  • “E-cig starter kits” + “buy”
  • “E-cigarette starter kits” + “stores”
  • “Vaping starter kits” + “buying”
  • “Mod box starter kits” + “selling”

What did you find see? In case you’re using Google search engine, there are many results in these sections: all, images, news and videos sections.


This is a Google search result for different types of electronic cigarettes.

For a fact, this is quite confusing and you may end up getting a low quality e-cigarette starter kits.

Normally, I recommend that you buy e-cigarette or mod box starter kits from the original manufacturers. That is, deal with the company directly.

Whether you’re a single user or ready for an electronic cigarette OEM/ODM partnership, by buying from the manufacturers, you can easily monitor and control quality. By accessing the e-cig or mod box factory’s website, you can review all brands that it sells, besides the one-on-one discussions with their sales team.

Moreover, you can easily prove the authenticity and the credibility of the company. Thus, it is easy to conclude whether their e-cigarette kits are made from high quality material or not.

When you buy an e-cigarette starter box directly from the manufacturer or authorized dealer, it is easier to do a painstaking research about their history in the vaping kits industry. Therefore, you can establish whether the company meets the international safety standards for electronic cigarettes such as the CE, RoHS, MSDS and EMC regulations, just to mention a few.

In short, whenever you want to switch from smoking the traditional cigarettes to vaping, always consider a high quality brand first by doing a thorough research. Don’t just fall for words like “cheap mod box”, “affordable e-cigarettes” or “e-cigs on offer”.

You may end up buying a substandard and low quality accessory. Again, buy vaping starter kits from the original manufacturer.