Liberty, the unparalleled products which were widely copied.
But there is only one original Liberty tank manufacturer, that is “Itsuwa”.


All the product sold by companies other than these distributors are fake Liberty.

The authorized distributors are:

  1. The Blinc group from NYC
  2. Vapesoul distributions LLC from Texas, USA
  3. Vapor Connoisseur
    Phone number: 877-330-0370
  4. Blue Label Supply



And more… you business opportunities are right here.

More distributors are wanted for the upcoming new product lines, more large-scale distributors are still buying fake Liberty and enjoy nothing but much inferior quality, the contact details are:

the threshold of the distributors including

  1. Well-established company with dedicated fulltime sales team and warehousing facility.
    2. With its own sales channel and annual revenue not less than 2 million USD in the MJ industry.
    3. Common business value with Itsuwa, which valued integrity first and willing to grow together.
    4. Tradeshow support is in place to promote our product.